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During the preparation process for this exhibition we advanced from the position whereby our institution performs a public service. Although museums in Slovenia and abroad often focus on themes related to violence eg.

Basaglia claimed: Historical material and documentation in the form of interviews were analysed thanks to the contributions of the video artists involvedtogether with a series of images provided by the Police Museum — Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia. So how do you attract the attention of visitors by exhibiting material that is average looking? The largest amount of this kind of content appears to be held in the permanent exhibition of the Slovenian Police Museum,7 and is based on original physical material related to delinquent acts.

The viewpoint gives a stunning view of Kvarner, Velebit, the Grobnik hinterland, Gorski kotar and the neighbouring Slovenia; it features an educational trail with boards giving walkers and hikers information on stone masons and the former quarry. A completely new residential castle on the peninsula, at the entrance to Bakar Bay is also being constructed.

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Archives of the tourist offices of Rijeka and its surroundings Translation: It offers a panoramic view of top 10 pennis enlargement pills eastern rims of the city of Rijeka.

A clever smuggler came to the border with a donkey. Primorje 39, Bakar Tel: From authentic male enhancement vantage point an unexpectedly simple answer appears to the question, how does smuggling begin?

Gorica; in Italian: Every day, even on Sundays, the women coming from places surrounding Rijeka arrived at the Green Square to bring milk, vegetables, poultry and other foods necessary to supply the citizens. Contributions to the Trieste conference, of which this volume presents complete texts, prevailingly approached from a historical perspective with a focus on social history and the history of contemporary art, the latter of which was augmented by statements from the artists whose work was selected for the exhibition titan gel for men store in rijeka Trieste.

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From Arizona Road, Ariel, video still, As life become harder, friction between local people and the authorities also increased. All of the collaborating towns within the project shared a similar destiny in the past: Given that the arduously distinguishable boundary between the permissible and the forbidden, the legal and the illegitimate, offered a number of challenges from the very beginning in terms of the content and selection of central 37 1 At the announcement of the exhibition we placed the shapes of smugglers on PVC plates at various location around the city.

Still, contact and exchange persisted, immediately after it was forbidden.

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It was built in the Middle Ages, probably on the foundations of the Late Antique littoral town gates. It was planned to be an administrative centre for Hungary by the Hungarian architect Antal Hajnal.

Although in the type of literary works I like to what is dysfunction in sociology the topic of smuggling is not predominant, when I learned about a meeting focused on the concept of smuggling in all forms of art and social sciences, I felt a wish to speak on this topic, but based on so-called classic literature, the most restricted body of literary works that are recommended to young people during their education, the ones that form the so-called literary canon.

Marketing surely played a subconscious role in motivating buy sizegenix breakup of the titan gel for men store in rijeka unions that ended in war, providing a new mythogeographic space for analysis of the Balkans.

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If, on the other hand, in this encounter of two worlds, external and increase libido off pill, the psychological aspect of the described event or situation prevails, one tends to believe that one has come across a valuable literary work of art.

Perhaps for that reason it is much easier to use authentic male enhancement territory for analysis. Princeton University Press The architect used the top solutions of his time by utilising steel grid-like construction and glass.

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The project encouraged the rehabilitation of meta-historical matters as part of our common cultural heritage. Surprisingly or notartists mostly opted for a documentary approach in the realization of their works, drawing from their own experience and knowledge of the topic eg.


Marxism, for example, regards smuggling as a form of rebellion against superior authorities. Trg Matka Laginje 5, Kastav Tel: All works were created for the Smuggling Anthologies project.

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Blue and Black Jeans, video stills, Artistic interpretations and treatments of this topic are becoming more and more frequent in the world. Activities related to smuggling weak erection treatment pills taking place within the criminal underground for which even police data is not a reliable source, as there are only a random number of detected cases.

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Numerous caverns and bunkers on both sides rendered the border visible and in the same time created an incentive to overcome it. It also included artistic documentary works in the form of photos, audio and video recordings and installations, since contemporary artists are using trans-media presentations with increasing frequency.

We also did not want to make everything easy for them but we wished to challenge them to be active. The Childhood Museum offers more than exhibits among which the titan gel for men store in rijeka toy dates back to Among the objectives of the exhibition was to use the opportunity to popularize the works of modern European creators selected in a competitive project.

In any case their decision for silence must be respected, despite the fact that more than 70 years have passed since then. We devoted ourselves 43 [16] Stamping passport Contrabbandum at the exhibition. Even Tito himself is said to be the smuggler of the documents of the Komintern.


Klana 33, Klana Tel: The greatest satisfaction for the creators is a good response from the public. I refer to the notion of breaking the physical body, and its regulation by the state as a kind of macro-body.

The location selected for the construction of the St. In our historical interpretation, we wished to introduce new and hitherto less known material that we obtained during research in various archives.

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All of the buildings were constructed on the sea area created by filling. Since it was also a former Municipal Loggia, it was the place where judges used to meet to pass sentences, where trading contracts were made and where the City Council held its sessions.

If you need a break, the entire coastal path is dotted with benches; you can enjoy beautiful natural beaches and an excellent gastronomic offer. Less commonly they interpreted the topic abstractly eg.

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The opening of an exhibition does not mean that the work is completed. We applied the status of the museum as a site of presentation, a space open to public view and discussion, protected by the context of art. Presenting materials to the general public is a particular challenge, 45 [17] Impressions from the exhibition. It is used as a passenger terminal and promenade. Authentic smuggled goods may nevertheless evoke a feeling of ugliness, not so much as objects in and of themselves e.

The church is completed by a 32 m high bell tower from The greatest amount of damage was caused by the German forces in their retreat on May The comprehensive scale of the exhibition space proved to be a grateful quality with regards to this issue, as the space simply absorbed the texts so that the exhibition did not increase libido off pill off as weak erection treatment pills.

Today, such lively images can only be seen in historical films on the Middle Ages. Given potential future use of this project and reader, as its editor I found authentic male enhancement useful to underscore three points in the organisation of chapters and subsequent titan gel for men store in rijeka offered in separate bibliographies at the end of the book.

This space was used for carrying out sentences, and old documents even mention the burning of witches. Indeed, there are different theories of smuggling as a historical and political phenomenon, stating that it is impossible to uproot precisely because it is linked to survival.

Thus, we wanted to open a dialogue with this entire project and the exhibition to present smuggling as a multifaceted social phenomenon as well as a form of criminal activity, to de-mythologize a taboo in order to critically evaluate it. At the eastern edge of the Kostrena municipality, on the natural remedy impotence erectile dysfunction rocky Sopalj hill, with a panoramic view of Bakar Bay and the Kvarner islands, you can find a spacious prehistoric settlement, the Titan gel for men store in rijeka ruin, surrounded by two rings of walls.

Trieste, the largest city nearest this part of the Italian border was at one time something of a gigantic contemporary urban mall. Here you can enjoy films and presentations dedicated to the immensity of the universe.

Even though sizegenix pills price in manitoba is referred to as a systemic phenomenon, individuals are on the run wherever it occurs, under cover. Or, was smuggling actually a form of madness in and of itself? It is intended for the general public and professionals: The selection of materials at the exhibition was guided by the desire to exhibit actual smuggled goods despite sensitivity regarding the suitability and assurance of appropriate safekeeping of the material for example drugs and weapons.

To Be Smuggled. Today it dominates the central part of Korzo, although during its lifetime it was overtopped by more recently constructed buildings.

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The 8. Lighting the space was one of the main challenges in creating this exhibition, as these limitations only partially allowed for adequate lighting design. Similarly, during the German Nazi government, which ruled Trieste — many Slovenes and Jews were killed, while a part migrated to Yugoslavia, or went in exile.

It was made on the model of the famous Venetian church of Santa Maria della Salute.

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The quotation stated as a motto is important, among other reasons, because it contains the concept of speed and because it indicates literature as a game of contacts, as an encounter of the world in me with the world around me.

Muzejski trg 1 Web: The Nikolaj Pirnat Exhibition Hall m2 at the Gewerkenegg Castle is comprised of three open, transitional spaces, which are separated into a smaller introductory space and a larger room that is divided into two parts by a small open staircase.

Monday — Friday from 8 am until 4 pm www. The latest research shows that visitors to museum exhibitions read only twenty percent of the texts presented to them, and this percentage decreases in inverse proportion to the number of texts,12 so a wider range of texts can represent a considerable disadvantage.

On your way to Solin and Sopalj, you will follow a trim path that is a perfect destination for athletes and fans of nature. Digital Media Ltd.

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  • Among the objectives of the exhibition was to use the opportunity to popularize the works of modern European creators selected in a competitive project.

Previous to being fused to the European Union, both Croatia and Slovenia were rather small separate nation states that belonged to various unions of South-East Europe.

How could it not?


Located in the premises of square meters in the city centre, it is one of the first 5 world museums on this subject, and is also the largest exhibition of its kind in this part of Europe. Jay, Old prejudices can crumble in the face of new ideas and confer legitimacy to formerly forbidden topics, even those that are true tabula rasa for most people due to their need to remain concealed.

  • It is used as a passenger terminal and promenade.
  • It was built on a hill m above sea level.
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There are very few exhibitions dealing with these kinds of topics in Slovenia. Videoest and Trieste Contemporanea, Italy, 22'. An extensive amount of text was additionally burdened by bilingualism, since all texts are presented in Slovenian and English. Moreover, resultant re-divisions of the continent caused by war forced people to develop alternative methods of survival.

In the XV century, the Sanctuary was taken over by Franciscans, who have remained its guardians to the present day. The church also features drawings with motifs from the Ten Commandments above the pillars dividing the main and side aisles.

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Its foundation is reported to be, according to tradition, related to the miraculous transport of the Nazareth Barn, and its stay on Trsat — At this same site there was a Liburnian observation post from prehistoric times, used for monitoring the roads leading from the hinterland to the coast.

It was built on a hill m above sea level. In the following section I will try to provide another interpretation of smuggling, a reading of the politically subconscious present, experienced not only in the smuggling of objects of desire, such as jeans as well as goods that are far less legalbut also of smuggling as a form of transgression.

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Alternatively, it might follow the strategy of smuggling in a coherent metanarrative, a tale telling a version of the fall, to announce the end of metanarratives. This project and in particular this reader attempts to provide a methodological example which can be used, or adapted for use in the interpretation of various non-restrictive and non-restricted Others in European history.

Still, authors such as Gurian give greater attention to the concern that text captions themselves as a medium are a myth. In the 20 th century, the Breakwater was enlarged, a pier used to close the Breakwater was erected inand the final enlargement to the Breakwater was constructed in We are currently living in a time when the visual dominates the written or oral.

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