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I was lucky enough to sit down with actor Ed Alonzo, who played Max, to discuss his work on the show, the experiences behind the scenes, how he lost his job on the show, and his continued career as an entertainer.

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By new, they meant a sexier, younger version of Max. It was crazy.

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If you ed alonzo saved by the bell Ed it is for a good reason because he has a phenomenal track record as a comedic magician. Share on Facebook.

Well, I loved all of them. Secretary

Do you want fries with that? Not only that, but never did Jon think he'd be able to live out his dream of becoming Zack Morris! I stopped watching the show after I got my walking papers.

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Any last words for your fans? Good one! While there, he appeared and disappeared on all the major European TV talk and variety shows, magazine covers and city billboards. So, what was your favorite episode? It was a rule. Well, my agent called me up and told me that a teen show on NBC was auditioning for a character who owned the local dive.

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Come in for a cheeseburger, get a magic trick and dances galore on the jukebox with Rhonda. Good point. Well, I loved all of them.

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Anyway, what was it like behind the scenes with the cast? Go figure. We loved a show filled with corny jokes, a jock with a mullet, and plot lines that included Screech being confused as an alien.

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Secretary The author of the book How to American: Firstly, he took it to The Max in the 90's hit TV show l playing the owner of the main character's favorite hangout. Jimmy O.

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Ed Alonzo, the Misfit of Magic, is in demand around the world. Jarmell Point well taken. So, I got bumped off the show.

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Currently you can find Ed performing his Psycho Circus act times a day, 6 days a week at the Galaxy Theatre at Valleyfair through August. Hey, yeah!

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He's best friends with Neil Patrick Harris. On New year's eve Ed was the opening act for comedian Jay Leno of tonight show fame for two sold out shows. I think he enjoyed masturbating, though. It was the one in which KKTY Bayside was first found, and Zack and the gang used the power of the radio to save my restaurant from being bulldozed into a parking lot by the school board.

And could going there help grown-ups, whose innocence has been stolen by student loan payments and reading the news, relive those carefree days? Yes, you heard that correctly, The Max has been brought back to life and you can actually dine on AC Sliders: Seeing Zack Mark-Paul GosselaarSlater Mario LopezKelly Tiffani TheiessenJessie Elizabeth BerkleyLisa Lark Voorhies and Screech Dustin Diamond hang out at the diner seemed like the coolest thing in the world — if high school didn't include going to a brightly colored restaurant with an awesome jukebox and an interesting mix of friends to gab with, then high school itself had no value whatsoever.

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None of the girls wanted to date him. Enough people out there call me Max. Yeah, right. All of us secretaries get together annually for a banquet. Ed brings a lot titan gel paano gamitin the show including some interesting escape tricks and he even gets his pet ducks involved.

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And how about Louis Farrakhan and David Duke shake hands? Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones? A guy with no hands? One look at his website and it's clear he's not joking around when it comes to his magical comedy either, winning several awards throughout his career.

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Of course not, Daniel-san! The wacky Ed Alonzo who once charmed teen audiences now charms, well, people who show up to his magic act.

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It has its joys, of course, like being able to hang out with friends as late as you want, or having no one stop you from eating ice cream and candy for dinner. But adults know that responsibilities await and avoidable stomach aches are no fun, which brings us titan gel roxas city to square one.

Belding was one supporting character who was vital to the show: But, beyond the gang and beyond Mr. And could going there help grown-ups, whose innocence has been stolen ed alonzo saved by the bell student loan payments and reading the news, relive those carefree days?

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From March to November Ed toured around the world with pop star Britney Spears, performing in a magic production number with Miss Spears playing the role of magicians assistant. Today Ed still finds himself playing the role of Max, especially when TV stations force him to wink winkand whenever there is a reason to make 90's kids nostalgic.

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For example, the recent opening of the Saved by the Bell themed restaurant in Chicago. Comedy energy has been bursting from Ed all titan gel paano gamitin life. It was a great experience. Yes, it was sad. All was made possible when we coasted out to Valleyfair to hang with the "Misfit of Magic", Ed Alonzo.

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The Max holds a special place in the heart of Saved by the Bell fans. Watch our interview and don't forget you can also see him in action on Masters of Illusion Fridays at 7pm on CW! All right, Max. So, nowadays, what are you up to?

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It bugs the hell out of me. Titan gel paano gamitin to relive the freedom and innocence of childhood diminish with every page of the calendar that falls away, which is why when the TV Guide staff learned that Saved by the Max, the Saved By The Bell pop-up restaurant, was coming to LA, everyone immediately made plans to go.

Who could resist going there as an adult? I never thought about that.

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  • The Max was a safe space, a place to cruise for dates, a place to hatch a plan or, in Jesse's case, a place to begin a dark descent into madness fueled by caffeine pills.

And, on that note, Max, thanks for sitting down for this interview! No, not until the end of the interview, Jake.

For more information on max performer pills queensland to visit Saved by the Max — or lobby to get it to come to a city near you! And then they were all dating each other. Support Ed and his magic by visiting his website, www.

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One more fun fact? I sense some sarcasm. Wow, that is touching. Ed is no stranger to the music scene either working with the likes of Katy Perry, Usher, and he even took his magic skills on tour with none other than Britney Spears to perform a original xtrasize in estonia production number during her Circus tour in