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Also, the higher the soy intake, the lower the sperm concentration was. Excessive amounts of reactive oxygen species have a serious deleterious effect on sperm DNA, leading to formation of 8-oxodeoxyguanosine, the major oxidative product of sperm DNA which causes fragmentation and mutagens.

1) Make sure he's doing enough exercise

Stevenson, D. Retrieved from https: Make sure to add some raw sesame and pumpkin seeds on top for added zinc. It has been shown that our CoQ10 levels decrease as we age.

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Try flaxseed, almonds or fatty fish like salmon and sardines. Lentils are also a great vegetarian source of protein and fibre. All rights reserved. What a man eats during the preconception stage is just as important as what the woman is eating, especially if you are experiencing fertility issues.

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Researchers found that men who took antioxidants in supplement form had less DNA damaged sperm than men who did not take antioxidants. Reproductive Biomedicine Online.

Avoid hot tubs or taking long hot baths.

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However, when it travels through a series of ducts to leave the body, it comes damaged. Try Asian spiced lentils with grilled cod … a delicious and nutritious combination.

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If you're overweight or obesego real easy on your soy intake. RESULTS Overview of identified studies A total of potentially relevant citations were identified through the search of electronic databases and other reference sources or information provided by relevant experts Figure 1.

How can I boost his sperm count naturally?

Here are some of the most important nutrients needed for sperm health and the foods that are rich in those nutrients. Whether or not boxers are more fertility-friendly than briefs is a matter of debate.

Natural ways to Increase Sperm Count and Motility

Also, some researchers found that couples had higher pregnancy rates when men took additional antioxidants. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

I decided I needed to act now. Orchic — This ingredient stimulates the central nervous system.

The cause of these higher incidences of infertility and poor sperm health are not known. Oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food, and foods high in zinc may help with male fertility by increasing semen volume and sperm motility.

It is also important to pinpoint the number of studies investigating the relationship between diet and male infertility, as the number of publications on this topic has increased in recent years.

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Find out which foods your man should add to his menu and which ones to take off the table. In addition, many recent studies report that inappropriate dietary habits such as meal skipping or false dietinglow intake of antioxidants, and nutrient deficiencies have been observed in male factor infertility.

Inan oral antioxidant treatment including vitamin B12 was found to improve sperm vitality, motility, and DNA integrity [31].

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Biomolecules, 7 2 Farmers, painters, and varnishers as a group have a much higher chance of infertility and significantly lower sperm counts, compared to men who work in other fields. Some foods that are rich in vitamin C and should be eaten raw are: In a separate study, men with obesity had lower testosterone levels.

Important Nutrients for Male Fertility Health

To date, many human studies have investigated semen quality and male infertility, but most of these focus on isolated micronutrients such as different antioxidants, zinc, or folatewhile studies of a specific diet or food compound are scarce. They found that in men with low sperm countstheir sperm swam best after one day of abstinence.

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Effects of folic acid and zinc sulfate on male factor subfertility: L-Carnitine This amino acid is a necessary nutrient for sperm cells to function normally. Carnitine and CoQ10 have been shown to work synergistically when combined.

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A great minimally invasive penile enlargement of interest is growing in the research of sperm quality and viability. More About Fertility.

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These seeds contain a hefty dose of zinc, which as stated above may help improve sperm quality, along with omega-3 fatty acids, which may have the same effect. Data extraction Data were extracted by using a predefined data extraction sheet.

Vitamin C is another nutrient that is sensitive to cooking and processing so it important to get it from eating foods raw.

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Eat at least one large green salad per day — Eating a large salad that contains many different varieties of vegetables will help to supply your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health and DNA protection. Mohammadmoradi and A.

How to Increase Male Fertility Naturally

International Journal of Andrology, 2 Although the importance of diet is clear for obese or underweight infertile patients, there are many infertile patients with normal body weight who have degrees of dietary imbalances.

Zinc Having a zinc deficiency can actually reduce testosterone levels.

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Sinclair [29] proposed vitamin B12 as a nutritional therapy that improved semen quality, mainly sperm count and motility. It contains two magic elements — allicin, which improves blood flow to his sexual organs and protects sperm from damage, and selenium, an antioxidant that improves sperm motility.

  • Being over or underweight can upset hormone balance, leading to lower sperm counts.
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High-mercury fish: Important Nutrients for Male Fertility Health We have gone over many of the reasons to eat a healthy male fertility diet; now we will cover how to eat in a way that promotes male fertility. Males of reproductive age have been affected by the spread of unhealthy eating behaviors 241 and the rapid negative changes in dietary patterns, such as high intakes of saturated fatty acids, trans fats, and sodium and low intakes of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.

Foods rich in CoQ10 are: B12 Vitamin B12 has been shown to increase sperm counts. Drugs Some recreational drugs are known to damage sperm quality and reduce male fertility.

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Studies show that quercetin can help in maintaining healthy sperm parameters including motility and quality and resveratrol has been found to improve sperm count and motility.

A third party carried out the blinding process. Other researchers have found that soy may help prevent prostate cancer. Gray literature conference abstracts and unpublished studies was not included.

Folic Acid: Meanwhile, vitamins E and C may slightly increase sperm count and movement.

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Studies on smoking and semen quality found that smoking affects many aspects of sperm health, including decreased sperm counts, decreased sperm motility the swimming ability of the spermand sperm shape.